Traffic Violation Bureau

Traffic Violation Bureau Schedule

Always return your citation or a copy of your citation.

You must respond to your citation by the court date listed on the citation by pleading guilty and paying the fine or by pleading not guilty.

To Plead Guilty and Pay Your Fine without appearing in court:  Sign the back of your citation and return it along with a check or money order (in US dollars) for the full amount due. Make payable to the Willow Springs Municipal Court. Write the citation number on the front of the check/money order and mail to P.O. Box 190, Willow Springs, MO 65793. If you have any questions about your fine, please call 417-469-2107.  For instructions to pay with a card by phone, please call during business hours.

To Plead Not Guilty:  You must appear in court on the date provided to you and enter your plea before the Municipal Judge.  A trial date will be set at that time.  If you chose to retain an attorney, he/she will need to submit an entry of appearance on your behalf.

Your questions will be answered by calling the Municipal Court Clerk. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm

NOTICE TO TRAFFIC VIOLATORS                                                                                                                    
Your traffic summons requires you to appear in person before the Municipal Judge in Willow Springs, Missouri at 10:00am on the date written on your ticket UNLESS you wish to plead guilty and pay your fine prior to that date. If you plead guilty prior to your court date the amount of your fine is indicated below.


Speeding 1-5 MPH Over$84.00
Speeding 6-10 MPH Over$94.00
Speeding 11-15 MPH Over$104.00
Speeding 16-19 MPH Over$134.00
Speeding 20-25 MPH Over$189.00

Fail to Wear Seatbelt$10.00
Fail to Register Motor Vehicle$84.00
Fail to Display/Affix Plates/Tabs$84.00
Fail to Stop at Stop Sign$94.00
Fail to Yield Right of Way$94.00
Improper Turn/Failure to Signal$94.00
Fail to Keep Right$94.00
Not Motorcycle Qualified$104.00
Defective Equipment$84.00
No ATV Permit$84.00
Loud & Offensive Noise$84.00
Parking in Handicap Zone

*If you were involved in an accident with any of the above violations you MUST appear in court.

If your citation charge does not appear on this list, please call the Court Office for the fine amount or for court required appearances.

If you wish to receive a receipt for your payment, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope for receipt return.